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We supply and export Solid CBN inserts and Tipped CBN inserts,many sizes of CBN inserts available,our indexable CBN turning inserts show excellent cutting ,turning and milling performance .CBN inserts mainly used in cast iron and hardened steel workpieces like automotive brakedisc,roller,gear,cylinder block,pumps etc.
We feel very glad to offer you the Strong Welded/Tipped CBN inserts Free sample,we just hope you provide us detailed CBN inserts cutting condition,like the CBN inserts ISO size and brand or grade you are using, the workpiece name, workpiece material,rough or semifinish or finish turning,continuous or interrupted working.We send out CBN/PCBN turning inserts to you via TNT,DHL,Fedex,UPS or EMS global express. Just feel free to contact us for Free CBN Turning Inserts sample .
Solid CBN Inserts
CBN Inserts RNGN
CBN Inserts SNGN
CBN Inserts CNGN
CBN Inserts TNGN
CBN Inserts WNGN
CBN Inserts RCGN
CBN Inserts RCGX
CBN Inserts SCGN
CBN Inserts DNGN
CBN Inserts RTB
CBN Inserts TNMO
CBN Inserts CNML
CBN Inserts RCMO
CBN Inserts RCMS
Tipped CBN Inserts
Finishing CBN Inserts
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DNGA CBN Inserts 2tips for finish and superfinish turning applications
DNGA CBN inserts L Φ IC S Φd r
DNGA150402-2tips 15.5 12.7 4.76 5.16 0.2
DNGA150404(CNG 431)-2 tips 15.5 12.7 4.76 5.16 0.4
DNGA150408(CNG 432)-2 tips 15.5 12.7 4.76 5.16 0.8
DNGA150412(CNG 433)-2 tips 15.5 12.7 4.76 5.16 1.2
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CBN Inserts Brakedisk Rough Turning
Brakedisk Rough Turning
CBN Inserts Brakedisk Finish Turning
Brakedisc Finish Turning
CBN Inserts Brakedrum Turning
Brakedrum Turning
CBN Inserts Cylinder Block Turning
CBN Inserts Cylinder Block Turning
CBN Inserts Belt Pulley Turning
CBN Inserts Belt Pulley Turning
CBN Inserts Pump Turning
CBN Inserts Pump Turning
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