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We supply and export Solid CBN inserts and Tipped PCBN insert,many sizes of CBN inserts available,our indexable CBN turning inserts show excellent cutting ,turning and milling performance .CBN inserts mainly used in cast iron and hardened steel workpieces like automotive brakedisc,roller,gear,cylinder block,pumps etc.
We feel very glad to offer you Solid CBN inserts Free sample,we just hope you provide us detailed CBN inserts cutting condition,like the CBN inserts ISO size and brand or grade you are using, the workpiece name, workpiece material,rough or semifinish or finish turning,continuous or interrupted working.We send out CBN/PCBN turning inserts to you via TNT,DHL,Fedex,UPS or EMS global express. Just feel free to contact us for Free CBN Inserts sample .
Solid CBN Insert-RNGN
Solid CBN Insert-SNGN
Solid CBN Insert-CNGN
Solid CBN Insert-TNGN
Solid CBN Insert-WNGN
Solid CBN Insert-RCGN
Solid CBN Insert-RCGX
Solid CBN Insert-SCGN
Solid CBN Insert-DNGN
Tipped CBN Insert
CBN Insert SNGA-8tip
CBN Insert WNGA-6tip
CBN Insert TNGA-6tip
CBN Insert SCGW-2tip
CBN Insert DNGA-4tip
CBN Insert CCGW-2tip
CBN Insert CNGA-4tip
CBN Insert VNGA 4tip
Finishing CBN Insert
PCBN Insert TNGA-3tip
PCBN Insert TCGW-3tip
PCBN Insert CNGA-2tip
PCBN Insert CCGW-2tip
PCBN Insert VNGA-2tip
PCBN Insert VCGW-2tip
PCBN Insert SNGA-2tip
PCBN Insert DNGA-2tip
PCBN Insert WNGA-3tip
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RCGX Solid CBN Insert,RCGX PCBN Insert
RCGX CBN insert mostly used in the Roller turning process ,for cast iron rollers and HSS iron rollers.
立方氮化硼刀具 RCGX
RCGX-V L IC S b Edge.Prep
RCMX 060400V/RCGX 060400V 6.35 6.35 4.76 0.8 T01020
RCMX 060600V/RCGX 060600V 6.35 6.35 6.35 0.8 T01025
RCMX 090700V/RCGX 090700V 9.525 9.525 7.94 1 T02020
RCMX 120700V/RCGX 120700V 12.7 12.7 7.94 2 S01020
RCMX 151000V/RCGX 151000V 15.875 15.875 10.0 2 S02020
RCMX 191000V/RCGX 191000V 19.05 19.05 10.0 2 S05020
RCMX 201200V/RCGX 201200V 20.0 20.0 12.0 2 S10020
RCMX 251200V/RCGX 251200V 25.4 25.4 12.0 2 S20020
立方氮化硼刀具 RCGX
RCGX-Y L IC S b Edge.Prep
RCMX 060400Y/RCGX 060400Y 6.35 6.35 4.76 0.6 T01020
RCMX 060500Y/RCGX 06050Y 6.35 6.35 5.0 0.6 T01025
RCMX 060700Y/RCGX 060700Y 6.35 6.35 7.94 0.6 T02020
RCMX 090700Y/RCGX 090700Y 9.525 9.525 7.94 1 T02025
RCMX 120700Y/RCGX 120700Y 12.7 12.7 7.94 1.2 S01020
Edge Prep.S05020 S10020 S20020          
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